Eight Week : Mindfulness for Life

(Online via zoom; 2 hour sessions each week with sustaining practices throughout the week and an additional 1 day online retreat.)
The Mindfulness for Life programme offers practices and cognitive-behavioural techniques intended to cultivate lasting and sustainable change. Participants learn how to apply this learning in everyday life in order to effectively manage pain and stress.

Practice Day

The Practice Day offers the opportunity for an extended period of practice with expert supervision. Aside from the guidance, much of the day will be spent in silence to support the practice. At the end of the day, there will be time to reflect on the experiences of the day and ask questions. Dress comfortably so that you can participate in sitting, walking, lying on the floor, and simple stretches.

Course benefits

Research shows that mindfulness courses have many benefits

Learning outcomes

Mindfulness for Life is a skills-based course rather than group therapy. It cultivates the following understandings:

Long-term benefits

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